Spice Things Up With Couples Sex Therapy in New York City

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Health and Medical

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Over time, some relationships decline in intimacy, which can affect both partners physically and emotionally. In some cases, a lack of intimacy may forge a rift between husband and wife, ultimately leading to more conflict. An invigorated sex life can work wonders for your mood and your relationship.

Variety is undoubtedly the spice of life, and a varied approach to your sex life can lead to a stronger, more fulfilling marriage. In film and television, New York City has been deemed the heartland of hot, spicy encounters. So, why not attend couples sex therapy to improve your relationship?

Increase Desire

Sexual activity has a tendency to decline over time in a relationship. A sex therapist can identify the basis for low sex drive, resolve the underlying issue, and cater to a happy, healthier sex life for you and your partner. In some cases, low sex drive is caused by a lack of attraction, or low hormonal levels. In other cases, there is a psychological or emotional conflict that must be resolved.

Equalize Sex Drives

One lingering issue that plagues couples is differences in sex drive. While one partner may desire intimacy every day, the other may feel satisfied with sex a few times per month. This can lead to a serious imbalance in the relationship, especially if one partner desires sex significantly more than the other. If you are dealing with this issue, then consider couples sex therapy in the near future.

Regain Trust

Infidelity can sap the trust and intimacy from a relationship. In some cases, it can leave a permanent void in the relationship, rendering both partners equally unsatisfied in some respects. When this occurs, a sex therapist may come to the aid of a couple, whose bond has been severed by acts of infidelity. Trust is one of the fundamentals of a healthy sex life.

More Confidence

Some individuals avoid sex because they feel uncomfortable in their own skin, due to a lack of confidence. A sex therapist can help both partners feel secure during acts of intimacy by invigorating a couple’s connection, and also by acquainting them with their own sensuality. This increased sexual confidence can lead to better performance in some cases. Thus, for a better sex life, seek couples sex therapy in New York City.

Intimacy after Pregnancy

After pregnancy, some women experience a marked change in their physical fitness, hormonal levels, and sensuality. These hormonal changes can severely decrease their libido, while the physical changes can impair their sex life, from an emotional standpoint. A sex therapist can help couples navigate these complex changes and adapt to the woman’s changing body and hormones. Couples sex therapy, in some cases, can resolve this.

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