Regular Septic Tank Cleaning In Orlando, FL Is Essential

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Septic Tanks

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Proper maintenance extends the life of a septic tank system. Homeowners must stop using the septic tank as a garbage disposal. First, it is important to remember the tank contains live bacteria. Therefore, avoid putting anything down the drain that may kill bacteria. Experts say household cleaners may be used, but avoid using too much. For example, excessively rinsing the toilet with bleach is not a good idea. Further, drain cleaner should never be used. Bacteria needs to stay intact to help separate solids from liquids in the tank.

Remember, Septic Tank Cleaning in Orlando FL should be done on a regular basis. Of course, the more people in a home, the more often the tank needs pumping. Indeed, regular inspections should be done on the tank and drain field. Everyone wants to be a good steward of the environment. Leaks in the septic system and drain field can harm the groundwater. The health of the community can be affected. In addition, regular maintenance keeps the system from breaking down. A new septic system costs thousands of dollars. Likewise, malfunctioning drain field pipes are expensive to repair.

The health of the septic tank can also be damaged by flooding it. This means stop using too much water. The septic tank can only process a certain amount of water, and then it must recover. There are those who are unaware that laundry water goes through the septic tank. Experts advise spreading out laundry rather than having a wash day. Flooding the tank can kill the necessary bacteria. Likewise, the septic tank is not the place for kitchen garbage. Things like cooking oil and milk harden in the tank and speed up the need for Septic Tank Cleaning in Orlando FL.

The bathroom is another problematic area. Individuals use many paper products in the bathroom. However, q-tips, paper towels, and wipes go in the trash can, not the toilet. Only biodegradable toilet paper should be used. Further, never flush cigarettes, disposable diapers, and plastic down the toilet. It is not always easy learning to live with a septic tank. For more information and to make an appointment, visit

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