Julie Laughton Builds Multi-Generational Family Homes in Laguna Beach

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Real Estate

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Baby boomers, millennials, college graduates and families with children need housing. Sometimes they all need the same house. Multi-generational housing is trending now. Not every floor plan is suitable for multi-generational families, but Julie Laughton designs and builds in Laguna Beach create a floor plan to suit every member of the family.


One of the top priorities in multi-generational living is privacy. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to have three generations living under the same roof. It can feel as if there’s no place of your own for a little me time. Julie will design and build a house with separate wings if that’s what the family wants. She can design and build a series of small apartments for family members appended to the main house — if that’s what family members need.


Life is expensive. Each family has expenses that sharing with family members will ease. While a multi-generational house will undoubtedly be costly, the burden need not crush the family. Grandparents can pay their fair share as can the millennial family members and the college grads. Julie Laughton designs and builds in Laguna Beach to work with your budget. She understands the financial aspect of multi-generational housing.


It’s hard to live across the country from your grandchildren. The loneliness of not hearing their happy chatter and laughter forces many grandparents to move closer to their family, if not move in with them. The bond between a grandparent and his/her grandchildren is a special one that’s not easy to explain. It can only be felt.

Multi-generational housing fosters this bond. It provides seniors with companionship, in most cases alleviates depression, and gives both child and grandparent both respect and necessary engagement.

Julie Laughton will design and build the multi-generational house you need, and she can even decorate the interior to reflect your family’s tastes.

To learn more about Julie Laughton, visit online at www.julielaughton.com.

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