Immigrant Visa Interview Mistakes to Avoid

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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An immigrant visa interview is the most important part in the entire process. It is the interview that determines whether you are granted a visa or not. The surest way to avoid these mistakes is to hire an Immigrant Visa Lawyer in Berks County, PA. That said, let’s get into the heart of things.

Not being prepared for the Interview
Just like an exam, you will need to be very well prepared for the immigrant visa interview. After all, it holds the key to your future and dreams. Researching some of the questions that are commonly asked and the expected answers will help you to successfully sail through the interview.

Providing half-baked truths
It is imperative that you provide information that is true and complete. It can be very tempting to twist the truth to suit your needs but note that it can lead to delays. Worse still, when the interviewers catch up with your lies, you risk not only failing the Visa interview but also losing your ability to ever apply for a US visa in the future. Legal action might also be taken against you.

Incomplete and falsified documentation
Prior to the interview, you should ensure that you read the instructions pertaining to the documentations you are meant to carry. Prepare them before hand and ensure they are not only complete but also contain true information. Having your documentation ready will present you as a well-organized individual and work to your benefit.

Not having the right fee
The U.S Consulate needless to say has very strict payment rules and regulations. You should ensure that you know the amount required as fees for the interview and the means they require you to use to place your payments. If you need detailed information you can find them on the official government site. Better still, you can also hire an Immigrant Visa Lawyer in Berks County, PA who will do all the necessary research for you.

Giving additional information
You might feel the need to, but you should not, volunteer information. Answer only what you are asked. Trying to be smart and providing detailed answers to a question might do more harm than good. It might trigger follow up questions that may land you in problems. To be sure how much information is enough, work with an Immigrant Visa Lawyer in Berks County, PA. Facebook

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