How to Pick the Best Artwork Packing and Shipping Company for Your Artwork

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2019

If you are trying to ship artwork, you may be wondering, “What company can I trust to do artwork packing near me?” You may live in the very heart of a thriving artistic and entertainment scene, but finding the right place to handle packing and shipping of your art can still be difficult. There are several tips to keep in mind, however, as you continue to ask, “Which company provides the best artwork packing near me?”

Is the Company Experienced in Professional Art Crating?

There is no need to have the transportation or installation of your fine art pieces be stressful. You should look for companies who can efficiently make customized crates. It is important that you find skilled crate builders, because many art pieces simply will not fit in a standard crate. In fact, trying to force them into a crate that does not fit the piece’s dimension will damage the piece. Having a custom crate will increase the likelihood that your piece will arrive on time and without harm.

Is the Company Experienced in Difficult Shipping Arrangements?

When it comes to shipping fine artwork to another country, shipping arrangements may not be as simple as shipping a letter across town. You will want to make sure that the company you choose as an art packing and shipping company has the knowledge of local, global and domestic shipping. They should also be familiar with ground, air and ocean transportation.

Why Does Global Shipping Experience Matter?

Global shipping requires a familiarity with customs that domestic shipping does not need. Whether you are exporting or importing cargo, you need a company that understands international regulations and can work within your budget.

Can They Handle Installation?

Simply crating and delivering fine art will not be enough to ensure that your art is moved safely. You also need to make sure that your packing and shipping company is capable of installing your piece at its final destination.

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