How Metal Fabrications Minneapolis MN Are Made

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2016

If you look around your home, you’ll find pieces of metal everywhere. Your door hinges are made of metal, as are the grates that cover your heating vents, the pan you cook with, and your bathroom fixtures, to name just a few examples. Each piece of metal you see was at one time a flat sheet of metal that had to be cut and then formed into its current three-dimensional shape. Metal Fabrications Minneapolis MN are made in metal fabrication shops, or fab shops.

If you need something made of metal, you’ll have to start by giving the fab shop a design so that they’ll know how to to make it. Most often a design is made through computer assisted drawing (CAD) so that it can be precise. A CAD design can be printed on paper, but it can also be a file that a computer numerical control (CNC) machine can read. If you don’t know how to draw your design, make sure to work with a fab shop that has CAD professionals who can help you work it out.

Once you have a plan in place, your metal fabricator will cut the basic shapes from a flat piece of metal, either a thin sheet or a thicker plate. The thickness of the metal and size of the piece, along with the quantity of pieces needed, can determine the best cutting tool. Hand tools include a band saw, shears, and a hand held torch. Automated tools include a laser cutter, a water jet cutter, and a plasma table cutter. The automated tools can read and execute a computerized CAD design.

After the metal is cut, the piece needs to be shaped. It may need to be bent at a certain angle, rolled into a tube or have shapes punched out. Shaping tools include a brake press, punches, and dyes. A shaped piece then needs to go through a finishing process to remove excess metal, making the shape more smooth and precise. Mills and lathes are both tools used in the finishing process. Visit website for more details.

Finally, metal pieces need to be joined together to finish the project. Metal pieces are joined through welding. In this process, a torch heats the metal so that it melts, allowing edges to be fused together. Once welding is complete, the metal is carefully inspected and tested before the customer receives it. Check out Aerofab Inc for Metal Fabrications Minneapolis MN.

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