First Aid and CPR Training Can Give You the Edge

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2016

First aid and CPR training can give you the edge that you need to compete in the workplace. While having this certification will not be the only reason you get the job it certainly can help to tip the scales in your favor. Any employer would be impressed by having this certification on your resume because it shows that you have additional skills that can be very useful in any workplace.

Consider This
If you and 3 people are competing for the same position at a child care center, school, gym, recreation facility and all 3 have pretty much the same experience and credentials but you are the only one with the first aid and CPR training certified, who would you give the job to? It is like offering someone “added value” when you have these credentials. These certifications can be very useful to employers.

Some Employers
As a matter of fact, some employers require that you have this type of training in a specified amount of time if you are chosen for the position, again if you already have the training you become the preferred candidate. The job market is still very tough, every advantage that you offer an employer increases the odds that you will be chosen for the position.

Personal Development
Even if you are not currently in the job market right now, this type of training is an excellent option for personal development purposes. You can:

  • Be prepared for anything
  • Help family and friends in need
  • Ensure the safety of your children and loved ones

CPR and first aid are valuable skills to have for anyone that has elderly parents, small children, plays sports and is involved in other physical activities. You will be able to help people in need! It is a good choice for anyone that wants to grow as a person.

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