Experience the Luxurious Feel of In-Floor Heat & Create a Spa-Like Oasis

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

More homeowners are deciding to upgrade their inside spaces rather than move to another more expensive home or undesirable neighborhood. Many are upgrading their smaller and rather boring bathrooms into something truly beautiful and soothing. Experience the luxurious feel of in-floor heat and create your own spa-like oasis of calm.

Heated Floors Are Becoming Extremely Popular with Homeowners

Heated floors can give your bathroom space a practical comfort feature that can be turned on-and-off at will. These flooring options need an underlayment pad that contains the heating elements hidden below the floor’s surface. This added feature is a fantastic idea when installing ceramic tile flooring or a natural stone, hardwood or cement flooring model. Some of these flooring materials are naturally cold on bare feet when the temperature dips in colder weather.

Save Money & Cut Energy Use by Utilizing Floor Heat to Warm Space

Since in-floor heat emits from the flooring itself, the heated air has a longer time to rise keeping the lower spaces that lower bodies and feet feel at a comfortable temperature. This kind of heating is more efficient as well. Keep your feet toasty warm during midnight trips to the bathroom. Some homeowners install heated flooring in other areas like a drafty hallway or large entryway.

Having a Relaxing Bath Retreat Can Increase Home Value Too

If trying to determine if heated floors are worth it, remember that this upgrade will likely increase overall home value. This is a perfect home improvement project.

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