Convincing Reasons to Hire a Lawyer in Kentucky to Pursue Veterans Benefits

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Law attorney

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The process of applying for military benefits can be just as tedious and time consuming as applying for civilian Social Security payments. You have to go through a legal process before you find out if you are approved for them.

Rather than go through the process alone, you can get through it easier by hiring a veterans benefits lawyer in Kentucky. Your attorney can make a solid case for why you are entitled to these monthly payments today.

Submitting Proof

Your veterans benefits lawyer in Kentucky will know what proof you need to submit to the court to substantiate your claim. If you suffer from an illness like anxiety or panic disorder, for example, you will not have outward physical signs that indicate that you are sick. Your lawyer will need to submit psychiatry records and proof of your treatment to show that you suffer from a mental illness.

Your lawyer can also submit written or recorded testimonies from your doctors, nurses, and other people in charge of your medical care. The judge presiding over your case will have ample evidence proving that you are sick and not able to work.

Making an Appeal

Even with ample evidence, chances are that you could be denied your claim on your first attempt. You will need to file an appeal to have your case heard again. Your lawyer can immediately file the appeal after your initial denial.

You can find out more about hiring a veterans benefits lawyer in Kentucky online. Contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices at online.

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