Acupuncture: An Alternative Solution to Pain Medication

by | May 19, 2017 | Health and Medical

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Acupuncture has been used for centuries to restore a sense of balance of energy to a person’s body. Western medicine men have used the technique to treat a variety of ailments a person may be suffering from. Insomnia, headaches, fibromyalgia, and lower back pain are just a few of the medical conditions that acupuncture have been used to help an individual find relief from their health problems. Especially, in cases where the person is not responding to pain medication or does not like to use addictive medicine to treat their condition. Acupuncture treatment in Toronto, ON area offers an alternative solution to help a person manage their pain without medication.

How It Works

Acupuncture treatment in Toronto, ON can be administered in a doctor’s office within 20 minutes by using fine needles that are inserted strategically into the patient’s skin. The needles are placed into pressure points that relate to the area that causes the pain or illness. It is believed that the energy in the body becomes blocked to cause the discomfort and the needles will disrupt that blockage to allow the energy to continue flowing through the body. When the needles are inserted, it triggers the brain to release endorphins that use the body’s natural chemicals to block the pain and promote healing of the body from the inside.

Find Relief Today!

Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain or insomnia, a solution is available to help you find relief. Back in Balance Clinic offers a team of skilled specialists that provide alternate solutions to treat a variety of medical conditions. A team of experts that are dedicated to helping their clients find the relief for their health problem. Why suffer from endless nights of little sleep or the inability to move due to pain when they can help you begin to feel better today!

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