8 Things to Know about Grass Carp for Aquatic Weed Control

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2016

In Florida, the climate definitely has its perks, but if you own or live on a pond, you know that the heat can also produce many unwanted aquatic plants. If you are worried about the seemingly uncontrollable weeds and algae that are invading your pond and is looking for the best aquatic weed control Tampa has to offer, check out grass carp.

Triploid grass carp is the most common herbivorous fish used for biological control of aquatic weed. If you’re curious about this type of solution, here are 8 things you should know:

1) Origin: The grass carp is a native to China. The Chinese have been using this for controlling weeds in rice fields for over 2,000 years.
2) Global weed control solution: Grass carp have been used in various countries. They were responsible for cleaning up the Nile River in Egypt.
3) U.S. Introduction: While the grass carp was introduced in the early 60s as an aquatic weed control solution, many states have banned the vegetarian fish in fear of reproducing beyond control and destroying aquatic ecosystems all over the country. The ban still holds until today.
4) Misunderstood fish: Contrary to popular belief, grass carp DO NOT muddy pond water, prey on eggs and small fish or pull out aquatic plants.
5) Permission required: In states where the ban on grass carp is still upheld, owners of ponds who wish to use this solution should communicate with their local Division of Wildlife for pond assessment and procedures.
6) Limited fish per pond: Once you’ve followed all procedures, don’t assume you can stock up your pond with hundreds of grass carp immediately. The Division of Wildlife follows a guideline, which would allow you to obtain about 3-10 grass carp per acre of water.
7) Cheapest weed control option: Although the process of obtaining the carp can seem daunting, this is the cheapest option for controlling unruly weeds and has been proven as a long-term solution.
8) Longer results: Compared to chemical-based weed control, letting grass carp control the weeds can take time but the results are stable and lasting.

If you wish to use grass carp to solve your aquatic weed problem, but don’t know where to start, find a pond maintenance service like Charles Aquatics and let them handle it for you.

Charles Aquatics is the most qualified provide of aquatic weed control Tampa has. The company helps with obtaining triploid grass carp for biological control solutions. They also offer chemical and mechanical weed control solutions.

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