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Top Qualities of a Good Leader

It’s easy to be a good leader when things are going well; but in the midst of a major crisis, such as a system crash, loss of a key client, or a complete reorganization within the company,

17 Interesting Slang and Facts about Surfing

If you plan on taking surf lessons in Charleston, SC, then why not learn some interesting facts about surfing? Here is some lingo and information that may impress your teacher! 1. “Men in grey suits” refers, in

Important Information about Establishing Paternity

Paternity is determining if a man is a child’s legal father. A father has the legal and social duty to support and protect his child. Paternity issues don’t just apply to couples that are married and can

How Archive Consultants Can Assist in a Company’s Anniversary Celebration

Over the years as a business grows, there are numerous milestones that are made. From breaking ground for their building to hiring in an important figure into the corporation, these are vital parts of the company’s history.

Benefits of online appointment scheduling

No matter what your industry, customer satisfaction should be your top priority. Online appointment scheduling can go a long way to improving your customers’ experience and keep them coming back. If you don’t have a dedicated front

The importance of printed marketing materials

While online marketing and advertising is extremely important, print materials should not be dismissed as being archaic and ineffective. In fact, California printing companies can help your business stay ahead of your competition with a number of

Common Mistakes that can Ruin your Worker’s Compensation Case in Dubuque

No one really wants to claim a worker’s compensation case. First of all, the whole implication around filing a worker’s compensation claim is that there was some foul play or injury to begin with. And then, you

Top Pharma CEO Salaries in 2016

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is booming with advanced innovation, development, drug distribution, and even pharmaceutical sales jobs. It’s also booming with top-level earnings. A recent study uncovered that many of the nation’s highest earners

Selling Your Business: Why Should You Use a Business Broker?

As complicated as a business is to run due to the need to consider a multitude of factors, the sale of a business is also not a straightforward affair. This is why it is oftentimes a good

Understanding Commercial Lighting

When it comes to lighting, many people only think of lighting options for their homes and personal spaces. However, commercial lighting is separate from the lighting found in homes and is used in business and commercial areas